Engineering Plastics

We are leading stockists of all types of plastics for engineering and industry and can offer advice regarding applications. We can supply plastics in rod, tube or sheet and will cut into billets or cut panels / strip as required.

We can also manufacture bespoke machined plastic parts to your specific requirements, such as chain guides, wear strips, buffers, machined profiles and channels.

We offer a full range including:

Nylon 6

Offers good mechanical properties, stiffness and high tensile strength. Has a wide range of engineering applications as it provides some moderate resistance to chemicals, works well when its exposed to some heat for long periods and also electrically insulating. Available in extruded and cast Nylon 6, although very similar cast is easier to machine and has a lower moisture absorption than extruded.

Nylon 66

A stronger grade of Nylon that offers an enhanced mechanical strength, lower moisture absorption, stiffness amongst other properties that are greater than standard Nylon 6. Although Nylon 6 does offer high impact strength. Predominantly manufactured into bearings, scrapers, wear strips and gears. Also available in a food grade option.

Polyethylene HD

A strong plastic that offers increased wear resistance where needed. Has resistance to certain chemicals, low moisture absorption. Commonly used as chopping boards in the food industry and buffers in the automotive industry, also has high impact strength.

Polyethylene UHMW

One of the most commonly used plastics, may also be referred to as PE1000. Widely used withing the food business as it conforms to FDA regulations. More commonly machined into chain guides and wear strips as it provides excellent resistance to impact and wear but also to abrasion and chemicals. Also used to line chutes and hoppers to improve flow of products. Also available in a regenerated grade and metal detectable.


Often described as a lightweight but tough plastic that offers resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents but also has a low moisture absorption. A very popular choice for a wide range of applications e.g. chemical sector and the food manufacturing business due to its FDA approval. Also, can easy to form and weld but can become brittle at lower temperatures. Available in a Copolymer gr and Homopolymer grade.


A wear resistance plastic that has excellent resistance to energy radiation and to high temperatures, but is also tough. It is noise dampening and highly machinable but also reaches temperatures up to +260°C.


A thermoplastic that is commonly used, performs well in wear applications it also has a hard, tough surface that is easily machinable. Has good resistance to chemicals and low moisture absorption.


A economical plastics that proves to be a popular choice for water processing applications and in construction as it has resistance to some corrosive substances but also due to its strength. However, it is not a plastic that is recommended for applications that may involve abrasion and may turn brittle when exposed to low temperatures (e.g. below freezing). PVC is easy to machine but also to fabricate through bonding and welding.


Offers a combination of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties as well as chemical resistance. It is classed as a versatile engineering plastic due to its wear resistance and sliding properties. It is also FDA compliant.


A high performing plastic, it offers an extremely low co-efficient of friction, has a wide operating temperature and also complies to FDA and EC food regulations. Can be machined into a range of finished products in many different industries (E.g. chemical, printing, aerospace, food and pharmaceutical). May also be known as Teflon. Available with many different filled additives, glass filled, carbon filled, bronze filled etc.

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